“It’s become increasingly difficult for pianists with something original to say to stand out from the recent glut of solo piano recordings and performances. Richard Pierce Milner’s music nonetheless does stand out: it is not New Age, not jazz, not traditional blues – or stride-based Americana, but a blend of all of these. Milner has an undeniable melodic flair, and I recommend him as talented and dedicated musician.” 

– John Schaefer – NEW SOUNDS – WNYC-FM

“Richard Pierce Milner is a master of the piano’s complex possibilities – that’s evident on every track of ‘A Sense of Place’ – and his melodic instinct deftly magnifies an already considerable compositional dexterity.” – The Akademia

“The pianist’s music defies categorization: it’s not jazz, classical or New Age, although there are elements of all three styles in Milner’s approach. [He] has the knack of musically transporting the listener to other places.” 
– Peter Landsdowne – Sunday Telegram Review, Worcester MA

“[this] pianist has found his own style, a combination of classical and jazz, but mostly his own personal feelings and inspirations transposed into a musical framework. This self-taught New Mexico native’s compositions are created freely without hooks and lend comfort to the ears and minds of the listener. 

The album does not pale with repeated playings, and in fact gets better with each listening. Highly recommended for Sunday brunches or driving in the rain, this album proves that Richard Pierce Milner is a talent to be reckoned with outside the mainstream jazz or classical venues. He is refreshing, not a virtuoso, but a purist nonetheless.” – David Arnold – Naugatuck Daily News, Naugatuck CT

What fans are saying at Na Bolom

“Richard’s music is perfect, very beautiful. It can sound so very relaxing. His music is the best I’ve heard in my life. Thanks Richard.”

“Sublime – watch his left-hand!”

“Maestro, many thanks and blessings for your music and for filling our hearts with harmony and beauty.”

“Close your eyes. Be transported by the haunting melodies, pictures appear: the ocean, trees .. up to feel the wind …
emotions fill the heart and soul. All in a magical place the piano diffuses to vibrate into the tableaux of another time .. Magnificent. Thank you.

Rhythms and melodies … just go with the music, the piano sound that resonates in this magical place! Beautiful compositions, thank you for this private concert. ”

“A wonderful concert! I Felt I Was participating in your music – Transported to places in nature, wind, rain, sun, trees, Captured in your rhythm and melody and shared. What a magical setting at Na Bolom. – Thank you.”

“Thank you, this music is a hymn to life … Listening to him I could see the butterflies flutter, I felt myself warm in the sunlight, I saw people dancing and singing, I saw the torrential rain falling on the ground and faces, I felt the wind in the leaves move … the music of Richard is a journey of sensations, it transports you deep into the existence, nature, life.”

“The master sings nature, mother of the earth, clouds, and light. Thank you for the thrill.”

“It was a magical moment, That is the same every time you play. The piano, the place and you make earnest pure emotion. Thanks for this Richard.””A beautiful and unexpected experience!”

“What a great evening! The night filled with the intoxicating and evocative music. A memory that will remain both. Thank you.”

“Such a privilege and a delight. We loved hearing about the inspiration and enjoyed the unique sound.  A memorable experience in Na Bolom.”